You can be a BETTER homemaker
You can be a BETTER homemaker

A family affair

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You can be a BETTER homemaker
You can be a BETTER homemaker

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You can be a BETTER homemaker
You can be a BETTER homemaker

A family affair

Being a Better Homemaker 
The 'Why' : Professionalism

We are born into homes but it does not mean we are born with innate, high quality homemaking knowledge and skills.


Homemaking with a professional outlook means to have a mind-set that embraces:


  • Mastering the many challenges of homemaking so as to be able to transform a house into a home, a physical location into a place of nuture for the family where members of the family first learn the value of self, how to love and be loved, self-giving, order, generosity, social awareness, self-mastery and other important life skills.

  • A disciplined approach to acquiring the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills that are needed to become a skilled, professional homemaker.


A professionally run home is an effective and efficient home where it is easier to create an inviting, enriching and nurturing family environment.

Being A Better Homemaker
The 'What' : Practical Skills

Homemaking is very much about practical skills in many areas such as cleaning, cooking, laundry.


However, as in any profession, there are best practice methods in homemaking which facilitate the way that we can do things more efficiently, effectively, safely and ecologically. Adopting a best practice approach allows us to perform these necessary tasks in a systematic, proficient way and prevents us from being overwhelmed by the multiple demands of homemaking.


It would best allow us to keep the ultimate goal in mind, that of creating an environment that allows each individual member of the family as well as the relationships within the family to flourish.

Being a Better Homemaker
The 'How' : Efficient Management

As homemakers today, we not only need to have a working knowledge of how things are done around the house, but also to be effective managers of limited resources and of persons. We have to be able to manage finite resources such as finances and time, as well as to be effective ‘project managers’ of the home. The home is our own professional ‘project’ and the better managed it is, the happier the family is.


The homemaker does not have to be, and should not be, the only person performing duties around the home. Every individual member of the family should be contributing. As project manager, an effective homemaker has to know how to direct the others in their efforts towards building a conducive atmosphere for healthy, happy families to thrive.


In this way, all members of the family are involved and are beneficiaries of the fruits of a better-managed home.