About Us

About Us

We are a group of professionals and homemakers that hopes to raise the awareness and recognition of the pivotal role of the homemaker of the family, and to empower homemakers with the knowledge and skills to better fulfill this key role in the home.


Our mission is to promote the importance of the profession of the homemaker through raising the level of professionalism in the work of the home by the use of best practice methods. In this way, the homemaker is able to work confidently, competently and effectively in all aspects of homemaking, from cooking, cleaning and laundry, to de-cluttering and better organization, home decoration and aesthetics, to managing family relations and family resources.


Most importantly, better homemaking strengthens families and therefore society through the work of the homemaker, contributing to a family environment that nurtures the needs of individual family members.


In a person’s list of ‘Things that matter in my life’, the family usually heads the list or is a close contender. The family is the basis of society and the home is where a person first learns essential values and develops skills. A home where there is a peaceful and nurturing environment facilitates the fostering of a healthy and happy family.


The profession of a homemaker is one of the most important of all professions as it is what transforms a mere house into a home - a place where children are formed, and where each member of the family can feel cared for, nurtured and reinvigorated to cope better with the stresses and frenetic pace of modern life.


A skilled, confident, efficient homemaker will make a great impact on the quality and standard of home life, on the well-being of the family, and ultimately on society.