The Art of Living Home and Culinary Programme

It is never too early to inculcate a love for work in the HOME as all of us live in a home and most of us will have to set up a home for ourselves at some stage.


The Art of Living Home & Culinary Programme introduces homemaking and culinary skills to preteens and young teens (aged 9-13 years) through fun activities that engage their creativity and help foster an appreciation of the importance of these skills.


It runs every fourth week of the month and has two components - a homecare segment and a culinary segment.

Homecare Section

The pre-teens/teens are taught to:

  • Sort laundry / fold laundry

  • Sweep / vacuum / mop

  • Wipe counters

  • Clean toilets

  • Empty dishwasher / clean fridge

  • Help with meal preparation and make easy meals


Culinary Programme: Junior Chefs and Bakers

The culinary programme conducts cooking and bakery classes for pre-teens and teens.


During the Culinary Series in 2015, the pre-teens had guest chefs teach them Pizza, Chicken Macaroni Salad, Tandoori Chicken, Stir Fry Beef, Cupcake Icing Decoration, Cupcakes and how to prepare a simple Spanish Tapas.


The pre-teens ended the programme with a cooking competition, Junior Masterchef!


Why a Cooking Competition?

What better way to engage these pre-teens than to embed the learning process within a fun competition. It helps to instill confidence and develop useful skills while having fun with friends. This is the premise of the Junior Masterchef competition that was held in November 2015 under the mentoring of Swiss chef, Susanne Despature.