From House to Home

Duration of course: 

3 half-days


Target audience: 

Seasoned homemakers who wish to improve on their efficiency within the home.



An introductory course to acquaint homemakers with the essential know-how and skills to transform a house a home. It is based on the methodology and practices established for the running of family homes.


Programme content:
Module 1
  • Home is where the heart is

  • The philosophy of home-making

  • The job description of a homemaker

  • Contribution of home-making to society

  • Understanding the art and the science of home-making


Module 2
  • Home-making essentials

  • Objectives and tasks

  • Organisation of work

  • Resource management

  • Tools

  • Design your own  hands-on task guides and checklists


Module 3
  • The How to’s

  • How to:

  1. Set a budget and maintain accounts

  2. Plan work schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly tasks)

  3. Plan and execute house-keeping tasks (cleaning, repairs, maintenance)

  4. Plan menus

  5. Organise  grocery-shopping

  6. Plan  the work in the kitchen

  7. Establish  house-keeping rules 

  8. Set up a  storage and filing system

  9. Create beauty in the home