Practical Tips

Remember - you are not the slave to your home or family! Homemaking is a collective effort of the family with you as the expert and the manager. We try and give tips which will save you time and help you organise your family to help in the important task of managing the home better.

Laundry Tip

Tip #1: Tired of sorting through the laundry? Make each member of the family responsible for sorting his or her own dirty laundry.

If dirty laundry is not put in the appropriate place, it does not get picked up and washed by you. We suggest you either leave it where it is, or if you really can’t bear it, politely pick it up and dump it on the individual’s bed or desk. You might even want to write a little note placed politely on the pile, inviting them to put the laundry away as a first warning. Having them walk around in used underwear because there are no clean ones left may offend your senses but bear with it! Eventually it will teach even the males of the house to place laundry in its appropriate place for washing. Have two laundry baskets in a common area - one for coloureds, and one for whites. And if you have the space, a third laundry basket for delicates. Invest in laundry bags which protect fabrics and lengthen the lifespan of your clothes. A few minutes saved every day add to hours at the end of the year!

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Family Meals

Tip #1: Deciding on meals and juggling questions about “What’s for dinner?” and the subsequent moans is a draining experience.

Why not put the impetus on them? Have a family conference and allocate one day of the week to each family member to decide on a reasonable menu for the rest of the family. (For the younger ones, you can guide them with this until they get the hang of it.) You will decide the menu for the rest of the week.


Have some rules in place such as:

  • each meal has to have protein, carbs and vegetables, nothing too fancy;

  • when the menu has to be written by and if it isn’t, what the consequences are (you get to choose the price of tardy submissions! Too bad if it is their most hated meal!);

  • no complaints will be entertained since each person gets to decide on part of the week’s menu.


Remember, you are the manager - you decide the rules and you have final veto!

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