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It is more economical to buy fresh eggs in a carton of 30. However, I have limited storage in my ref

Yes, if you have a suitable cool area, away from sunlight, then the eggs can be stored in a wire or wicker basket or in their box. They will keep safely for about a week as long as the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. Given Singapore's hot and humid climate which does not go below 25 degrees Celsius, unless the room is air-conditioned, this would not be a favourable practice here. Therefore, you may want to keep most of the eggs in the refrigerator at or below 4 degree Celsius, where they can be stored safely for about 3 weeks and leave the rest of the eggs at room temperature for immediate use. Besides using the egg compartment in the fridge, you may recycle those egg boxes of tens to store the eggs in the fridge.

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