The professional training received from Homskil taught me that a better life at home is possible. Homskil has radically transformed our house into not just a home, but a very happy one.  My husband was the first to notice the orderly way in which the home was organized, the introduction of a weekly menu and the nice presentation of the food for the family meals.  He is very appreciative and has peace of mind that all is under control at home.  My two primary school boys enjoy the family meals so much that they now prefer to stay at home and have quality time as a family instead of asking to go for restaurant food.  Thank you Homskil for all you do!

Caroline Wong

I was glad I attended the workshop " From House to Home" by Homskil last year. Within those few hours, I had learnt to see homemaking from a fresh perspective - it can and should be done seriously and professionally.  It is really an art and a science! Thank you Homskil for that workshop! Am looking forward to similar workshops in the future! 

Anthonia Neo

We don’t notice Homskil because everything runs like clockwork. But we notice it because there is always something special, be it a decorative detail or a special menu, when there is something to celebrate like a birthday or Christmas. Thank you Homskil!

Suzanne Ooi

I am twelve. It is very entertaining and we can bond well as a team. I can finally cook! 

Sarah Seneviratne

On The Art of Living Programme

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